The workshop takes place on 17 August 2020.

UTC-4UTC+2Welcome Session
10:00 16:00 Welcome
10:1516:15Niklas KarlssonKeynote: Self-awareness in Online Advertising for Self-managing Campaign Optimization
11:1517:15 Coffee Break
Session 1
11:3017:30 Nigel Greenwood, Brruntha Sundaram, Alex Muirhead and James CopperthwaiteAwareness without Neural Networks: Achieving Self-Aware AI via Evolutionary and Adversarial Processes
11:5017:50 Martin Goller and Sven TomfordeTowards a Continuous Assessment of Stability in (Self-)Adaptation Behaviour
12:1018:10 Sven Tomforde, Christian Gruhl and Bernhard SickA Swarm-fleet Infrastructure as a Scenario for Proactive, Hybrid Adaptation of System Behaviour
12:3018:30Lunch / Dinner
Session 2
13:3019:30 Martin Pfannemüller, Martin Breitbach and Christian BeckerEnTrace: Achieving Enhanced Traceability in Self-Aware Computing Systems
13:5019:50 Sharmin Jahan, Ian Riley, Charles Walter and Rose GambleExtending Context Awareness by Anticipating Uncertainty with Enki and Darjeeling
14:1020:10 Roberto Rodrigues Filho and Barry PorterAutonomous State-Management Support in Distributed Self-adaptive Systems
14:3020:30 Aamir Akbar, Peter Lewis and Elizabeth WannerTalk: A Self-Aware and Scalable Solution for Efficient Mobile-Cloud Hybrid Robotics
14:4520:45Coffee Break
Session 3
15:0021:00 Anton Gulenko, Alexander Acker, Florian Schmidt, Soeren Becker and Odej KaoIn Situ Data Stream Analytics for Heterogeneous Infrastructures
15:2021:20 Bento Siqueira, Fabiano Ferrari, Thomas Vogel and Rogério de LemosMicro-controllers: Promoting Structurally Flexible Controllers in Self-adaptive Software Systems
15:4021:40 Lukas Iffländer, Nishant Rawtani, Lukas Beierlieb, Nicolas Fella, Klaus-Dieter Lange and Samuel KounevAttack-aware Security Function Chain Reordering
16:0022:00 Closing Statement
16:1022:10 End